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Growing up in a small town my family owned a very successful restaurant which required the majority of my parents time. Not having any immediate family close by my parents trusted a former co-worker to take care of my sister and I some evenings and weekends. I am not sure what age he began molesting me at, and I did not no the difference between right and wrong. I can remember being scared to tell because he had threatened me, but at the age of 9 I told me best friend who then told her mom. My molester also molested his own daughter (she refused to testify) and only received two years in jail. I received years of counseling and have now begun my career as a social worker dedicating my life in helping other women and children who are victims.

I watched Brave Miss World and was overcome by emotion and resiliency. It is very inspiring that the team made this documentary and website where victims can unite. Thank you all who have shared your story, you are brave and you deserve to be heard. Never give up and always remember it wasn’t your fault.


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