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I trusted a lot of people, never in my mind, I thought they will harm me, but I was wrong. I was hurt in a lot of ways.
My boyfriend at that moment, he was sweet at first but everything changes the longer we were together. He never likes it when I was with my friend, he was always jealous. We argue so much, once I told him that if he doesn’t change I will leave. That got him more, He was heated. I just remember feeling my face burning. He burns me and kisses me and I push him. I didn’t know what to do but walk away. The next couple of days I wasn’t texting him as much. He asks me if I can go to his house so we can talk and hang out. I said it was fine, I will after school. So, I went, it was just us, we always were alone every time i went so, I know nothing will happen. We started to talk and then we starting kissing. He was touching, I told him to stop because I didn’t want to do it. He was kinda annoyed because I always said no. He kept trying, I got mad and push him. He grabs me said to me, why don’t you want to have it, it for another guy huh.? I said no. “okay then” He had much more force then I did. He started to touch me more and said don’t scare or make a fuss or it will get worse. I starting crying. He won’t stop when I said no many time. He hurt not only sexually but physically and mentally. I was a bruise for trying to stop him. He scars my mind and I was hurt and afraid, I didn’t know what to do. I stay with him for a couple of months. I couldn’t leave because if i didn’t he would hurt me. One day I didn’t hear of him, his friend told me that he wasn’t texting me because he was arrested for something. I didn’t know if it was a lie or not but I was thankful. He disappeared, but my mind is still a scar.

— Kiana, age 18

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