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I was a happy bubbly 5 year old when my uncle got me to play dress up with him, he made me wear underwear that had a hole in them. He then preceded to show himself to me and then made me sit on him which push him inside me. My whole body went numb. Not long after he started he finished. He then went to the toilet to urinate calling me to the toilet he proceeded to force me to put him in my mouth. A few days passed and he tried to sit next to me and a freaked out and ran out of the room. I ended up telling my other uncle about what his brother did to me and he told my mum and dad. Due to him being to young he never had to face up to what he did. At the age of 11 my dad wanted to show me how to play with myself, so he would take me into his room and told me to get undressed lay on the bed and touch myself while he would touch himself. Jump to 13 I was staying with family and a extended member of the family asked me for a backrub not thinking anything of it ( I trusted him ) I went to his room next thing I know he was on top of me pulling my undies aside and I froze knowing what was happening I didn’t say anything as I felt him inside me. He sped as he got closer to finishing. I then got out of the bed in a lot of pain and trying to hide the blood that was running down my leg. About a month before I turned 14 we moved into a caravan park where I tried to make as many friends as I could. In that lot of friends was a guy who made himself out to be a nice guy. I was at his place with him and his wife watching movies. When out of the blue his wife said she had to go out and I didn’t see anything wrong with staying and watching the movie when all of a sudden he grabbed my pant legs and started to pull them off. I got back on my knees trying to leave but he grabbed my hips pulled my pants down and started to push himself inside me, he was to big and caused me a lot of pain. Hearing his wife’s car he let me go. I pulled my pants up and ran back to my caravan.I told noone. Not long after that my dad’s girlfriend asked me if I wanted a day off school I like most teens said yeah sure why not. Half way through the day she had a friend visit her. She called me to the back of the caravan where she sat with her male friend. I walked in then he grabbed me and put me on the bed she held me down as he took my clothes off he started by putting his face down there, I felt dirty and he kept on touching me. After what seemed like forever he put my legs over his shoulders and then thrust deep into me. Even though I had been though this sort of thing before never had my own body turned against me. His thrusting was hard and fast. My body orgasmed and he finished. Saying that it was not rape because I came. Since then I have issues allowing myself to reach the point of coming.

I am 35 now and a mother of 5 and alot of my story had not been told to anyone.
There​ was more and I still have not got to a point that I can share or get over it.

— Chelle


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