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Scared Like Crazy

I have never been raped but, I’ve been scared of being raped since I was 14. That’s 7 years of living in fear. My college’s campus is pretty safe but whenever I hangout with my guy friends outside of baseball practice (I’m the team’s #1 fan and photographer) or the cafeteria I get scared that they could rape me. I know that they wouldn’t since we are all close friends but they drink a lot on the weekends that scares me. I’m never with them when they drink but it always worries me. Even when they are sober and walk me back to my dorm room during the night hours I get scared. I often have nightmares of strangers raping me and the guys have to help me but its still scary. I just wish I could over come this fear. I just get scared that I will have to come face to face with my fear someday.


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