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Seeing My Rapist Everday

where i come from everyone generally stays friends from elementary till we leave for college. me and one of my closet friends at the time ended up dating, I’ve known him since third grade and we were as close as you could imagine. a few months after dating i honestly just wasn’t feeling the relationship anymore so we decide to end it. after this we were still close i mean after all we were friends since third grade and we got even closer after he found about his brain tumor. around Christmas time of last year he was having a party since he has to leave for surgery on his tumor and asked me to come over. when i got there not only was none of our friends there but nether were his parents. i knew something was wrong but still trusted my best friend and after a few minutes of sitting there watching a movie waiting for people to arrive i remember him starting to kiss me. after i tried to get him off you think that would stop him. we aren’t going to get into t o many details with the rest since that can trigger a lot of people but after this was over i remember calling my mom and her coming to get me. ever since that day I’ve had to see him in school every single day and have classes with him. i tried to talk to police about it and they have told me “well its a he said she said situation” so i havent pressed charges. he recently has tried to talk to me more through email since he was blocked on everything else.

— gianna, age 17

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