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Semper Fi

My husband is in the military, a Sergeant in the Marines(I am Terrible, I can’t remember which of the many Sergeants he is!), and we are apart for many long months while he is stationed overseas. We make a silly looking couple, as he is tall and strong, and I am tiny and weak, except for 1(more like 2) areas that keep him interested. We have been together since Jr. High, and he is the only partner that I have been with(except for a little kissing, No Further). He is a very considerate lover when he gets leave, evidence our 2 kids.
When we can arrange it, we talk over Skype and it takes a load of scheduling to do it, but he has privacy cubicles, so we can talk a little dirty, or even flash him the girls to get him excited to get home. It had been a while since he had leave, so we were getting a bit impatient for some private time, and since the kids were asleep, and my brother was working a double shift, we got to do a bit more than usual:
We were talking dirty, I started with a flash, and then went topless, and a lower flash, and then jilling for him(Hey, don’t judge, it’s for my husband!), and I know he records it online cloud. I had to turn down the volume, both on the computer and myself, but we were both really into it!
All of a sudden, some guy landed on top of me! I was too small to push him off, as he announced his intention to”Help me with that!”, roughly handling my bosoms. It wasn’t a minute before he forced sex on me, as my husband could only curse at him from 1000 miles away! I was scared he might hurt the kids, so I just stopped fighting and let him. My husband got to watch and record the whole thing. After he had all he wanted from my body, he gave my husband the finger, and left me crying and apologizing.
I thought I knew him from somewhere, and my brother came home early to help, and he identified the guy as his friend Kev, who came over to get some car parts, and found the door unlocked. The Sheriff took my statements, and I could access my husband’s e-mail (Yes, we trust each other that much) so I could give him my evidence/porno. He arranged for an exam and counseling, plus took some evidence from my bed.
There was a warrant issued, and he was picked up on a traffic stop, though he made a low bail. Before the case came up, my husband got leave and showed up with a half dozen Marines! After we had some tender moments, which he made it abundantly clear he made no blame on me, he went Marine Recon. They visited Kev’s Mother’s house, where their original intent was to burn his house down, his Mom did no harm. However, it seems his car ended up at the scrapyard. They caught up with him at a girlfriend’s house, and he refused to leave. A couple of the Marines helped him outside, though she called the Sheriff and some friends. The Sheriff took a long time arriving as a couple of Marines had a loud fight on his way down the street, and he stopped to keep the peace. Kev was given a lecture on how what he did was wrong, but I don’t think he heard much with his head in the garbage. When his friends showed, our Marines convinced them to stay out of a 1 on 1(more like 0) fight. Kev jumped in the back of their truck, and I was too short to grab him out, and he took off. The Sheriff chased them down, taking them in(for their own good) for traffic offenses and DUI. Being an Ex-Marine, he spoke to our group, but there was no evidence of a fight, so he just told them to behave, and took the others to dry out through the weekend. No charges, but Kev failed to show, jumped bail, and left the state.
My husband was so gentle with me, and refused to let me take it as I was with another man. I was the only one for him, and he was still my only one.

— Tina, age 24


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