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Set Up

Hi, I’m Hailey and this is my story on how I was setup, and basically pimped out. I was set up by someone who pretended they loved me, pretended they cared when they really didn’t. This story is sort of long but each detail is relevant and important so bear with me.
I was dating this guy, or so I thought I was. I thought he was my boyfriend. From the time I met him he caused trouble in my life. I was 15. He was 17 at the time (if that’s even true, I doubt it.) I was in a really bad place. I was and still am struggling with depression and anxiety and he was my escape. He encouraged me to stay out with him for days on end, while my family stayed home crying trying to find me. This happened on multiple occasions. For about 5 months we were “in a relationship” I thought he was a nice guy, he clearly wasn’t.
Eventually, I did not want to be with him, I would refuse to go and see him. He stayed downtown in the city of Toronto, which no place for a young girl like myself, it’s dangerous. To trick me to get there he used his friend Dave. Dave said he was near my house and asked if I wanted to hang out, and I agreed. We met up and decided to go downtown, unfortunately. While on the bus ride there he had a bar of Xanax. He took half and so did I. When we got there we headed to the beer store and got a few. When we finally got outside within 20 minutes I got a call from my “boyfriend” and he said he wants to see me and he can come pick me up. He doesn’t drive so he was with his friend, we’ll call him Diego.
I actually remember at one point Dave telling me that a girl had said Diego raped her. So anyways when I got into the car it was me my boyfriend and Diego, and I was pretty high and drunk at this point. They asked if I wanted to go to Niagra Falls (which they offered many times but I would say no.) I said yes, and we went. On the way, I had taken one more Xanax that was provided by Diego. I was very, very high. We got there, there were 2 rooms and I can’t remember much. I remember my boyfriend telling me to take off my clothes and we had sex but it’s all a blur. Next, I remember looking for him. I was naked so I just put a blanket around me and I found him butt naked lying next to Diego who was fully clothed, from shoes to hat oddly and I started to try to wake up my boyfriend. He wouldn’t wake up, which really means he was pretending not to wake up. Like I said I can’t remember much, but Diego raped me. I couldn’t accept the fact that, that happened. The guy made me believe we both agreed to have sex, and I think in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t true but I believed because my memory is such a blur.
It still haunts me, it was over a month ago so yes it’s still fresh. My depression is only getting worse and I wish I could move passed it all but, I thought that guy was like the love of my life and really I was just in for a rude awakening. Most get their heart broken from catching a guy cheating or leaving them, but rape is a whole other level. I know he made money off of setting me up for Diego, and I know that this was intended the whole time. I hope I can move on as quickly as possible. Thanks to anyone who read through this whole thing, it means a lot.

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