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Sexist Families Leave Girls Vulnerable to Rape

Having survived two childhood rapes and two violently sexist ex partners, I would suggest that the current system is totally set up to protect the perpetrators and is hugely biaised against the women and children that are assaulted by men and boys. I did speak out to friends at the time of my rapes when I was a child, but none of them seemed to believe me, even though one of my friends had been in the same bed when we were attacked together and I was digitally raped by four unknown boys. The thing that made me despair was that I was treated as a liar in this instance even though no one treated me as a liar in other circumstances and I couldn’t figure out why or what I’d done wrong in the situation to cause it. That shame and guilt stuck with me in two violent relationships where the guys lied and stole off me and yet each time it was somehow my fault. I would redouble my efforts to be a good wife, a good women, a good friend to my partner. My ex husband pushed me out of a window rather than lose an argument about a large sum of money that I had put in and had gone missing out of our joint bank account and the guy after that beat me and caused two spontaneous abortions during his attacks on me. I went into counselling and discovered the gender equality movement and finally began to understand the world around me. When my daughter aged six was sexually assaulted amongst a four month campaign of gendered assaults on her by 6 boys in her class I got her out of the school as quickly as possibly, as they were reframing the behaviour play. To all the people on here that have gone through such assaults and been blamed for them, being blamed for a gender assault makes as much sense as being blamed for a racial assault if you’re black … The fault is with violent bigotry. Hugs to you all.

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