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Sexual Abuse

I was 18 years old and started working in a night club. One of the bouncers took a liking to me. Before I knew it we hit it off. He was 32.

After a month of seeing each other, I moved in with him. Little did I know what I was in for.

It began with small acts. He would say things to degrade me, question myself and always believe that I was wrong. Then one day after we got into a fight. He accused me of chatting on him because he seen me shave my legs in the shower. I went to walk out the house and he followed me down the stairs and rapped me. It wasn’t the first time nor would it be the last. He like to chock me.

Eventually I lost my job due to being so stressed and depressed all the time and I told a friend I couldn’t stay out I had to go home and clean up or he would get angry at me. This is when my family realized there was something wrong. My family forcibly made me leave his house but that wasn’t the end.

When I eventually had my own house he began stocking me and harassing me. Sending pictures of me through my front door and flowers trying to apologies for how he treated me and get me to come back. When I wouldn’t. He attempted to commit suicide and blamed me for it.

— Survivor, age 20

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