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Sexual Assault

My sexual assault happened when I was 3 years old up until I was 9 years old. I was living with my mum and when I was 3. I hoped in the bath so I said that my downstairs was hurting so my step dad took me into the room when my mum and my sister went to the shops. Then he told me to take of my clothes so I did because like I was only 3 years old and had no idea what was happening or what was about to happen. So I did it and then he just did it and he never stopped until my mum and sister got back. After that every time I said no to him he would hit me and abuse me but then when I had growth and development at school I realized what was actually going on. So once I knew I just kept it a secret until finally my mum found out. But all my mum said was just to keep it a secret, so i did and my mum is mental because she has OD’d on too many drugs. So a while later I decided that I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore so I told my school counselor and what do you know the next day after school me and my auntie went to the park then the police came and got us. The police stated asking me questions and then I knew that was my only moment I had to speak up about it. Now I’m only 12 years old an living with my nana and going to a different school and that’s my story.

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