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Sexual Assault

My name is Roberta and I was sexually assaulted as a child. I was sexually assaulted by two men on different occasions. Both were acquainted to the family. One man sexually abused me on one occasion, while the other did it for years, from 7 to 14 years of age. I never told my family because I was ashamed and afraid they wouldn’t believe me, or the blame would fall on me somehow. This abuse left a big scar on me and sex is not something normal to me, as I can’t even have one night stands. As I was growing up, I never understood this but when puberty hit, it made more sense. To this day, very few people know this. I hope to be brave someday and be able to tell my family someday, but the fear of their response is bigger and the shame of being vilified is something I won’t be able to live with.

— Roberta, age 36


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