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sexual assault

I remember i had not long broken up from my first love Oliver and not long after i was used for a one night stand i met Aaron, at first things were going well, or so i thought, there was a couple of times that he had tried to force his private parts into my mouth but i remember i kept saying no because i don’t like doing oral.
But i remember on the 3rd of July 2 years ago i had, had a few drinks in my dads house and i remember i felt quite drunk and i remember i was in my bed on my phone but trying to sleep and i remember him coming into my room and he stripped down to his boxers and climbed on top of me and pulled his boxers down a bit so his privates were showing and i remember he kept trying to put them into my mouth but i kept saying no and i remember he hit me a couple of times saying “baby wake up you’re having a bad dream” but i knew that it wasn’t.
A week later i went to my mums house as i was staying there that night and i remember just coming out with it and i told her and my auntie Claire that Aaron had sexually assaulted me.
i also remember not long after we broke up that he got with another girl and i tried so hard to find her to try to warn her about the type of guy that he is and i also told her that it’s up to her if she believed me or not and obviously she didn’t and he raped her so about a month after i was sexually assaulted and the other girl was raped i reported it to the police and thankfully when i went to court about it last year they believed me and he got sentenced to two years and is a registered sex offender for the rest of his life.
if you ever go through the same thing as me or worse please don’t waste any time report it as soon as you can.

— Natasha, age 20


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