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Sexual Assault

Back in March 2018 I was sexually assaulted. I was on a second date with a guy that I met at a bar. I was at said bar alone when I met him, because I had recently lost all of my friends due to drama. This was my first time out trying to make new friends. We went on a first date and all seemed normal, we shared a kiss after. The next week, we went on a second date. This consisted of going out for a beer after class. Following the beer, he suggested going back to my apartment to watch a March Madness game. Once we got to my apartment, he closed my bedroom door and immediately started getting sexual aggressive with me. He pushed me on to my bed and the next thing I knew my clothes were off. I went with it for about one minute and then told him that “I don’t move this fast.” He said it was fine, yet he continued to aggressively finger me and force me to give him oral sex. He grabbed me by the throat for 30 seconds at a time while I feared for my life, but was too scared to say anything. After he ejaculated on my abdomen, I realized that the while bedding that surrounded me was blood stained. I quickly ran to the bathroom to shower and rise off what he had done to me. I came out of the bathroom and he was still there. He kissed me goodbye and that was that. I bleached my sheets and that was that. About an hour later I broke out into tears. I realized that I told him I wasn’t interested, yet he was persistent. The first person I told was my roommate, I pulled her into my room and showed her the bite marks on my neck. I had no words. She knew what I was trying to say though. The following morning I went to class pretending everything was normal. When I came home I called my sister and told her. She said she was on her way to my university with my mom. When they arrived we went to a park and called the police and went to the hospital where I gave my statement and got a rape kit. Now, 14 weeks later, they found his DNA on me and he has a warrant out for his arrest. I moved 1,300 miles away and still feel helpless. H could be doing this to someone else.

— Camron, age 21


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