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Sexual assualt causes you not to be YOU

I meet this guy in 5th grade in summer school, I thought he was cool, awesome and amazing until the very last day he smackes my butt and I had to tell the teacher but the teacher wasn’t available, the assistant however I told her and the assistant went to tell the teacher. I got out of class with him and teacher said “he didn’t mean to and he’s going to apologise” and he did. Few years later, comes my sophomore year and I realized that he goes to my school. One day during dismissal, he calls me “fat ass” and I’m like confused, angry, and very dissatisfied. That affected until now, this year throwed me off by the fear that I overcame. Sometimes I did feel like cutting my hands but thank God I didn’t. On Monday, this same guy attempted me to hug me and so I tired talking to several people about it see if that would help, it didn’t. I tired mediation it didn’t help I tried praying also didn’t help. Nothing that people asked me to do thing didn’t help. I was to the point where I was tired of living beside it and tired of him. I found this video that inspired me until this day I found the true self because i honestly wasn’t my self anymore. Im going to have this memory in my head because it was going to a tragic memory but there is a way out of it.

— Luvia, age 16


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