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Sexually assaulted at 4

I was born in Bogota, Colombia. I am now 64. When I was 4, me and my same-age friend passed by a nearby carpentry shop that was around the corner. We knew this guy. Everybody called him “Mr. Morris”. He enticed us to go into the shop, and then he took both of us into a small room in the back. He closed the door and sat both of us on a table. Then he took his pants off and showed us his penis. This happened at least twice. The second time that he put some ring(s) around his penis. He told us to stay quiet and not to tell our parents. We said we would, but luckily I told my oldest brother (by that time he was around 19). He told my parents right away. My parents called the other girl’s parents. Suddenly there was a big mob on the street. The guy was forced to get out of the neighborhood. I never saw him again, but every time I pass by that place I remember what happened. I do not have any memory of being actually raped, but I know that my friend and I were in great danger.

— Yilda

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