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Sexually Assaulted Or Not?

I just keep having nightmares of this, like I have PTSD and I keep reviving things that happen to me in the past, so what happened was that I was traveling to Dominican Republic and I met this guys, they were always flirting with me and my sister, two if them always tried to touch me inappropriately, I didn’t like it but I never thought it was able to tell anyone because then I would look like a hoe, I was just scared, but I never said anything and just acted cool, but one day it went too far, so I was at their house minding my business in a room by myself, which I now realize it was not the best idea, it was very stupid, and one of the guys came in and he laid next to me, I was like “dont even try” and he said “lets just talk” (or something like that). I don’t know why I was such an idiot, I stayed there with him just to talk, I thought, obviously he tried to convince me to have sex with him, I kept saying no to him, but he wanted to, so he told me “hug me” I said no, then he said again “hug me” I kept saying no, and he just gor in top of me, I couldn’t move, but I didn’t scream, I was such an idiot last year, he started kissing me, I didnt like it so I just moved my head, then he kept going and pulled my top up, I was pushing him away but he is older and stronger than me, still, I didn’t scream, I just said no, but he kept going, then he just started kissing me in other places, I didn’t like anything, I hated it, then he wanted to take his pants off, but he didn’t because he knew that there was people in the house, so he didn’t penetrate me, eventually he stopped, I was shocked, I just put my top bavk down, pulled up my pants and just walked back to my grandma’s house, locked myself in the bathroom and started crying… til this day I still blame myself or feel like a dramatic girl because nothing happened but I still have this nightmares that actua lly someone does penetrate me or someone else, it just messed me up, I dont know if it was actually something or just something I should forget, even if this nightmares keep reminding me…


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