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Sexually assulted by coworker

Not long after I turned 16 I got a job at a grocery store. I had seen the guy before I met him and thought he was a very handsome guy. He worked in the produce section and was 19. Not long after working there he started talking to me, doing cute things like seeing if I was fast enough to catch the produce he would throw for me. I was outside behind my work taking my break when he came outside and sat next to me. We flirted and exchanged numbers and agreed to go to a festival after work that was down the street. After work we head out on foot to the festival, in my head I was playing out all these romantic scenarios that would happen once we got there. (I had no experience ever with a male, so my imagination was pretty strong.) the first red flag was on the way he started asking personal questions like what I’ve done with a guy. about half way he told me “I don’t really want to go to this festival, want to hang out here?” it was a park bench in a elementary school field, it was pretty secluded. Second red flag. I’m a polite and submissive person by nature and he knew it. By this point I was really nervous but still agreed. As we sat there I frantically tried to start conversations so he wouldn’t do or say anything sexual but he did. He pressured me into kissing him, and I gave in.. He was my first kiss. I felt really embarrassed and wanted to leave I think he could tell. So he started playing with my hair and giving me compliments. His “innocent” tickling started to turn into groping. His vulgar comments made me want to run away as he begged me to give him a blow job. He grabbed my hand and put it in His pants, I quickly pulled my hand back but I never said anything. I never.. Said.. No. But I never said yes. When he had enough with me not complying to his sexual requests he ditched me there on the bench where I sat and held back my emotions. I called my mom to pick me up and told her that I had fun at the festival.

— Survivor, age 17

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