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Sharing #MeToo’s

We have been discussing the #MeToo campaign, and we each found a disturbing trend to have experienced something. We resolved to Share or stories:

I was dating every weekend once I went to college, after a high school of being the last call for every dance. I was careful about sexual assault, but no one tried. My friends discussed that I would just have the next date take it. I was too moral, or too scared to, take your favorite.

I met an outgoing guy at a party, and then saw him again about a week later, and he asked me out. Of course, there was no reason not to go!
We never made it to the movie, as he pulled me out of the car, and raped me in the parking lot! He was strong, and covered my mouth, and I saw no one heading for their cars, so he just had his way. I don’t think he even noticed I was a virgin. As he did it, I asked myself “Why Me?”, but it wasn’t “Why is this Happening?”, it was “Can’t he get Prettier?”.
I called the police from the theater, but I felt more of a fool as I made my statements: No last name, no license number, no phone number, I could name nothing to identify him, even forgetting semen until they asked about it. I was as embarrassed about knowing nothing, and the rape itself.

We have each sworn to end the Silence and Embarrassment.

— Annette, ag 27


  • Alexis
  • Nabria Danfort


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