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Silenced But Not Forever

i have always heard of rape stories never once did i ever think it would happen to me.. what hurts most is when its a person so close to you someone you trusted so much… someone you considered a brother…i grew up with him i didnt know he would suddenly turn on me…. when someone breaks that type of trust its so hard to trust anyone else … am from Kenya, Africa….am 20 years old… His name is Owen…. He owns this ice cream shop that i used to hang out after school…college.. whats ironic is… i have gone to this college parties gotten drunk and nothing like this happened there…. but it happens to the safest place i know with me sobber….I usually help him close up when am not too tired from school… so 24th January 2016 around 9.00pm he asked me to help him close up as usual… so i took some glasses went to the storage room…he follows me behind and hugs me from behind…am not really surprised cause he was playful sometimes ….until he started grabbing my breasts…. i told him to stop but he kept doing it pinning me face first to the wall…i soon realized my skirt was up and my panties to the side…he kept hurting me…i kept telling him to stop…he is huge there is nothing i could have done….i keep telling myself this but i cant help but feel guilty…i tried to report it with no success what so ever…he just said it was consensual and since i had no evidence nothing was done.. i jus wanted to die until i started sharing online anonymously and i actually feel so much better

jane, age 20

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