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Six Year Old’s Point of View

You Knew, But Didn’t Care

You knew as soon as I ran into the kitchen sobbing, “He hurt me!” something bad happened to me, but you didn’t care.

You knew it was so bad I peed right in front of the oven door where one of you was basting the dinner roast while the other skimmed the paper at the kitchen table, but you didn’t care.

You knew I was telling you the truth and not the man when he told you on the phone, “It was nothing,” but you didn’t care.

You knew you were protecting him and his wife, not me when you said, “You just misunderstood him,” but you didn’t care.

You knew I was in pain when I started to cry, then ran away from you out of the house and into the words and stayed there until dark, but you didn’t care.

You knew my eyes were puffy when I returned home and saw how my feet limped up the stairs to my room, but you didn’t care.

You knew I buried my face against the bedroom wall when you came in to say good night, hoping it would stop my body from trembling, but you didn’t care.

You knew when you brushed my hair behind a new headband and put me in a new Peter Pan collared dress for school, I felt ashamed and dirty, but you didn’t care.

You knew I didn’t want to say “hi” to the man or “goodbye” to you when you placed me on the school, but you didn’t care.

But I knew when I tried to give a big smile for my first grade picture just like you always wanted and it became a grimace, you cared about a lot of things—just not me.

— Susan, age 62

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