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Six Year Sentencing Anniversary

59 years to life.

All the girls sitting in the jury box waiting to hear what the judge would sentence the criminal who harmed us all in one way or another as we held hands and cried forced to look at the man who changed our lives forever.

It has been 6 years and I opted out on all media requests as it was high profile. With mention of these Cosby allegations and seeing the publics reaction to it as if it was some sort of joke I have become more willing to share my experience. The trial was painful, but worth it in the end.

When I turned on Miss Brave World, I was expecting a story I may be able to somewhat relate to. I did not how ever expect to see the man who is now serving the long sentence. I started crying and shaking like I was back there again.

Every year I remind my friends and loved ones, even strangers of the crimes committed against so many young girls. Today my one of my best friends told me I was brave. I didn’t look at it that way. I was just happy justice was served in California. As she is now in law school and I think I will take her input. #IAmBrave and I don’t care who knows anymore.

— Survivor, Age 32

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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