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Someone Close to You

When I was 15 I moved out from my moms house and decided to live with my father and his girlfriend. I still went to the same school but everything changed. Since I had to wait for my route to be put on the list for a bus I didn’t go to school for a couple weeks. The first couple weeks of living with them. One morning when I was sleeping his girlfriend came into my room. She was obsessed with me. Always wanted to wear my clothes or borrow my things. This morning she decided to come in and clean my room. She was nears the top of the bed when I woke up and asked her what she was doing and asked her to leave but she didn’t. She said “it’s fine go back to sleep” so I rolled over thinking she would leave. I went into my dreams while she took advantage of me. She started with my breasts, feeling them. I woke up and told her to stop and to leave, she just told me the sa,e thing and I rolled over again and went back to sleep. S he then proceeded to to end of the bed where she undressed my legs and put her fingers in me. I have pressed charges against her but she was released on her on recognizances. The one thing I never told was that she made me have an involuntary orgasm. I awake from being in flight mode and was soaked in sweat, I felt dirty for years. I showered and it took 3 years for the trauma to come out and for me to remember it. Since then I charged her, I proceeded with a trial but with my mental illnesses the stress was too much and it was traumatizing all over again. I charged her and that is taking back some of the power. Now I have my power back. I’m going to be 21 this year and the biggest thing I can say is don’t stop living. Brave Miss World was amazing and it has helped me heal a little more and given me ways on how to heal. So thank you. We are survivors!

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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