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Speaking out for the first time in 40 years

It is 2:30am and I can’t sleep. I just finished watching Brave Miss World. It moved me inspired me, but most of all effected me to come forward and speak out after 40 years.

I am a Hasidic pop singer and I have carried this burden for a long time.

I grew up in a religious family and went to a religious school.

At the age of 9 I was sexually assaulted by my teacher. I was not the only boy. I mustered the courage to convince 2 other boys to come with me to the principal and maybe we would be believed as a group. The principal pulled out a stick and said he would break the stick on our backsides if we ever speak of this again. I felt guilt, shame and confused about religion.

It has taken me years to separate the beautiful teachings of my heritage from the teacher and develop a healthy connection to religion. It will never be perfect and the damage creeps up on you every so often.

This movie inspired me. You are living proof that a little light can chase away a lot of darkness. In these days of Chanukah my pledge to you is that I will do what I can in my community to help victims in any way I can and take the tourch of fire you ignited and kindle more tourches of light. Together we CAN change the world.

Thank you thank you!!

— Survivor, age 48


  • Anonyme
  • Alissa Ackerman


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