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Stand Strong

My heart goes out to all the survivors sharing. I was drugged and raped over 25 years ago as a girl. My friend, her father was a very sick abusive man who was drugging her and others and photographing abuse. It was truly horrific. There were two against me and I could not fight back.

The aspect of the pictures being taken is also very disturbing. My friend covered immediately claiming there was a ‘ghost’ in the house, coming in her room all the time and touching her. I begged her to get help with me and she refused. It was two decades later she spoke the truth. Her father was a pedophile. With his friends, they used sleeping pills and took photos. I knew it was true. It was so depressing.I went through therapy and two years waiting for nothing in the justice system. I also wrote a Phd on this very issue.

As a human rights lawyer my work has included establishing a service for Indigenous women and child victims. I also decided some years ago that I wouldn’t hide the truth about myself because girls need to know they are not to blame and they can go on and make a good life for themselves. I’m inspired by this movement.

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