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Started At 12…

It started two weeks after me 12th birthday. On September 13th 2015. I was just like any other teen happy and laughing with friends until all of this had happened. It lasted for almost 2 years, he was supposed to be my protector. My step dad and I had always been close. I can remember it like it was yesterday…I remember him walking into my room like he always did to wake me up for school. Something was different, I could feel it. Usually he walked in and turned the light on, why wasn’t the light on. My mom had already left for work. Usually my brother helps him wake me up. Where was my brother?!? I remember him taking my shorts off and doing things no one should ever have to experience. I thought it was a one time thing but it happened everyday for the next two years. I was to afraid to say anything to anyone. I cried myself to sleep, cut, binge ate, screamed and cried and even attempted suicide many times. One day I in 7th grade I had been cal led to the office and questioned about if I thought I was ok or not. I told the office I was fine, but the counselor knew me better then that. She just looked at me with her questioning eyes and I broke down crying and she came over to my chair and rubbed my back until I stopped crying. She asked e again if I was ok, and I shook my head no and told her what was going on at home and she called the school officer in. She then told the officer what had happened and they called my mom to the school. When my mom found out what happened she broke down in the hallway and screamed and cried. My mom is a strong women and seeing her like this literally made my heart ache…My mom and I got in the car and went home not saying a word, just crying. When we got home my mom told me to pack my bags and that I was going to my grandparents. I remember that when I was packing my mom got a call saying my step father had been arrested. My mom called my grandma and told her we were on our way. I lived with my grandparents for all of my 8th grade year. Missing my mom and Brother. I remember going to court and writing letters to the judge. Her name was Judge Gloria L. Doyle. I remember seeing my mom and my step grandfathers face drop after they heard my stepdad admitted to such a horrible crime. I remember him having an ankle bracelet and him and I having a no contact order that is still in place. I remember crying when I had to sit across from him in the court room. I remember seeing him cry. I remember my mom whispering I love you as he walked away with 4 years of probation. Now I’m a 14 year old freshman with depression and PTSD trying to keep up with all the other “normal” teenagers.

— Trista, age 14

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