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Step Daddy

I was really young when my mom was whoring around. She started with this man named Ray and he had some warrants out for shooting a man. He went to prison for a few years and while he was in prison my mom met another man. His name was Cliff, I loved both of these men and would’ve loved for either of them to be my dad because I didn’t really have a father figure in my life. My mom ended up getting engaged to Cliff and we all were happy. Then mom got the call that Ray was getting out of prison. Mom told Cliff to have his stuff packed and get out. She brought Ray to one of my basketball games as a winning surprise. He moved right in and took Cliff’s place. I wasn’t very old but I knew a lot. And they fought a lot my mom and Ray. Even my big sister fought with them… I never understood what was up with all of them but it was because my mom cheated on Ray when he was in prison. They kicked my sister out and it was just me and I didn’t do a lot of schooling I was sick a lot. He told me he wanted to run away with me and get married. Then it got farther he would come into my room and slip off my clothes and have sex with me. He wouldn’t let me say anything or tell anyone other wise he would hurt my mom. It went on for years until I was ten and I left to live with my big sister and my dad. That’s when I finally told someone. My mom married him shortly after she found out what he did to me. Years later and it’s 2016, she moved out and is living closer to me because my father kicked me out I got put into foster care. Which seemed to open her eyes and now she is doing better and not with him anymore and I have a good relationship with her. Only we have never talked about what happened I know she is sorry about it.

— Mikki Watring, age 17

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