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Still Need Help

I was dating this guy that my family had a lot of connections with. He came over to my house one day. I was 20 years old and I am now 26. It started out as just kissing but he went to far and the next thing I know he was raping me. After it happened I think we were both in shock. The only thing he said was do you want me to go and I told him to leave. I was so scared and shocked that I didn’t tell anyone. I remember my mom asking me why I had blood on my sheets and I told her I started my period. He was a skinny guy and I had bruises on my inner thighs from his hips. To this day I cannot see guys that are skinny. I was talking to a nurse the other day and told her what happened. She encourage me to tell my mom but I still too afraid to tell her what happened. I’m scared that she will be disappointed because I am not a virgin for my wedding day. The nurse told me about how her daughter was also date raped and as a mother she thinks I should tell her. I am a counseling student and feel like it is my job to help those who have went through what I have been through. My only regret is not reporting him because I’m afraid that he might have hurt other girls after me. I want to tell my mom but I need some help.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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