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Stormy Night

My story is not like the other stories…
I lived on a military base with my family. I was always a Tom-boy kinda girl. I liked sports,hanging out with everyone and just living my 13 year old life.There was this guy named nick that lived next door to me. I never thought that this 17 year old was looking for more then a friend . At this age, I already had developed and just didn’t know it. This boy had a wandering eye …I kept hearing that he was interested the the girl next door to us….I just thought he was a good friend to play catch with. The first time he touched my breast was at his house ,he just wouldn’t stop staring,it was just creepy!
I knew that I needed to stay away from him..if that was his mind set.
He knew that I didn’t want to hang out with him after that.
Well living in Nebraska..there are lots of tornados.
We all went to my house when the storm started,my family knew knew about his touching moment with me, so as the storm has gotten worse that night,we both sat in the bathroom with blankets to protect us…the next thing I know is his hand reaching out and touching my body and the look he gave me was evil almost . I felt so uncomfortable and left to go to my parents bedroom.,I always felt safe there. Once I was in the room I looked outside to check the storm out…I hear my parents door open. It was him!
I told him that he couldn’t be up here in my parents room and he just starred at me up and down. I told him to leave, he said no and shut the door. He looked around the room to see if anybody else was in there. He came closer to me and when I looked in his eyes to warn him,his eyes were black and soulless. His intentions were so bad that night. Before he could make his move,m y angel of a mother came and yelled at him for being in her room. The next thing I did …I just thanked her. Without my mother coming to my rescue, I would of lost the 13 year old girl that I always knew at that time.
He moved away before I told my family what all he did to me before. Just a lot of prayer to keep those images away.
Prayer is the only thing that will save me from reliving those nights.

— Survivor, age 23


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