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Stranger Rape

Hi, I’m Nye-Emah and it was kinda weird how it happened 5 months ago. It was my birthday i turned 12. So. I went to my BFF. We was going to hang at the park. While we were there were strange men was there too. So we payed no attention to them as we played on the swing.

I fell off the swing. I was knocked out cold. All I heard was screaming like in those movies. When I was able to wake up I found my friend laying down. I went over to help her but the van stopped and the door swing opened. I was scared. I was like a new born, one grabbed my friend and the other one got me.

We ended up at a mansion. It was pretty nice. They gave us clothes to put on we was forced to do it. They each took us to different rooms. He just talked to me until I fell on his thingy by accident. He hugged me, rubbed me and showed love like a dad. Then he took off the outfit, until he kissed my lips.

I was in shocked. After that I was whoo-ho oed. We were left out in the streets naked. Then a group of men saved us. That’s when I blacked out to find myself in the hospital safe and sound. Until we saw those twins. They kissed us then gave us a note it said – “the baby is ours we r getting married so be ready by 5th of june.”

Thank you for reading my life time story. I have lost memory to things, but I’m ok.


  • Alissa Ackerman
    • nyeemah
  • Lily


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