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Summer of ’09

I used to remember the exact date. All I remember now is that it was July of 2009. I was 8 years old and so was my friend Chelsy. We were raped by our mutual friend’s older brother who was 15. We were watching Spongebob in our friend’s house. All of a sudden he comes down and asks us to come to his room. I remember exactly what his room looks like after 7 years. He wanted me and Chelsy to have sex, I was just a little boy. I didn’t know what sex was. He tries showing us and we did it and he taped us on his camera. I got uncomfortable so I tried to leave, that probably wasn’t a good choice. He grabbed me by the arm, so I yanked him away. That’s when he went to grab me again I started running down the step and he catches me, picks me up and those me on the ground. I had the wind knocked out of me. He then pulled me pants down and was inside of me. He bent me over his bed. I was screaming for help. The girls were too scared and nobody else could hear me. The window was right next to his bed and I was faced the window, looking out to the church that was right in front of the window. I prayed for god to get me out of that situation. He then finished with me and then raped Chelsy as he made me and his sister watch like they watched my rape. I sat there and shaked and shaked. We all went home and later on he told our parents that me and Chelsy tried to have sex and we got in big trouble. Years later I told my mom the truth. I told everyone the truth. I still have nightmares to this day. 7 years later.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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