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I was raped involving 3 men that worked in the same workplace with me. MY PROFESSION WAS A DIETARY AID. I WAS ASSIGNED IN AN AREA WHERE ELDERLY PEOPLE EATS IN THE DINING ROOM. I WAS ASSIGNED BY MYSELF(which I thought I was). Three men where talking to each other for I don’t know what. One guy picked me up from behind, and took my to the bathroom and raped me, while one of them was watching and the other was watching guard making sure no one was around. That incident changed my life. I came home in shocked that it happened to me, that I wanted to kill myself. But I couldn’t. Then I tried to take a shower to washed their touch out, but Still feel dirty and ashamed inside. This is a part of my history now which I am scarred for life because of them. How can I forgive myself for allowing myself to stay in that room that I was assigned instead of leaving out of there. And how do you forgive the person that raped you?

— Charity, age 39


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