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Thank you for speaking out…

I would like to first of all, praise all the women who’ve shared their stories on this website. It is a brave thing to discuss a topic so horrific and traumatizing. Speaking from personal experience, I know what kind of strength and courage that is needed to do such a thing. I would also like to thank Linor for her efforts and her cause. I was raped over 3 years ago by two guys I barely knew. I was on a date with one of them and after 3 drinks, I blacked out and did not remember the rest of the night. I believe I was drugged because I spent the following day sick to my stomach. Bits and pieces of the night came to me and I do remember having sex with the both of them. I knew in my head that I didn’t want to. All I thought that night was that I was going on a date with a guy to get to know him. Before I knew it, I was in the next town over from mine with no recollection as to how I got there. I woke up to two guys in the room with me and before I had a chance to object, it was happening. I finally came to my senses and told them to stop. I ran out of the house and into a neighborhood that I did not recognize. I had to ask a stranger for help…I never felt so dirty, and slutty in my entire life. Afterwards, I was constantly paranoid, scared to go out, afraid of all men. I was sad and angry all the time, I cried every night and I drank to the point of hysterics. I finally decided to see a therapist, and to tell my doctor about my panic and anxiety attacks. I am still taking an anti-depressant today and I still see my therapist today. Compared to a few years ago, I am in a much better place. I met a fellow survivor and I read stories of other survivors. That realization that someone else knew that I was feeling and thinking, gave me the strength to fight. It gave me the courage to continue waking up every morning and facing what was out there. I was able to better myself and turn my life around. I am stronger, happier, and no longer afraid. I am a survivor and I hope that my story, along with all the other stories of these courageous women can reach out to people all over. Whether it is to a victim who is going through the same thing or a guy who knows friends have done such things…I want the message out there. Sexual assault and rape occur on a broad spectrum, but the point is, it happens and it destroys people. Do something to help stop it. By us speaking out, and by individuals like Linor, I hope that our message will make it audible for the world to hear.

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