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The Gentleman

I met this guy in a bar and he was 5 years older than me. He was really nice to me and we ended up back at my place but sometime in the taxi back I decided I didn’t want to have sex with him and when we got to my apartment I told him that. He said that was alright and asked if he could crash, I said sure. We ended up making out in my bed. I told him I had to sleep because I was up early the next day, but he wouldn’t accept that. He lay on top of me and took off my shirt. I told him I didn’t want to have sex with him and he said that wasn’t what he was doing and it was all fine. I kept telling him no but he was a lot stronger than me. I pushed him off really hard and he eased off a little. He kept asking me to touch his dick and I kept saying no. I tried to sleep again but he kept putting his hand down my pants and I had to push him off so many times. After about an hour and a half of him touching me and grinding on me and me telling him no and pushing him off he decided to leave. But as he was putting his clothes back on he decided to give it one last shot and forced his erection into my face. I shouted no and told him to get out of my apartment. That time he did and I didn’t even think it was that big a deal until my current boyfriend wanted to have sex and I realized how scared I was of him and all men. I felt like because this man didn’t actually rape me, I couldn’t have been affected by it but that is just not true.

— Survivor, age 18

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