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The Mailman Raped Me

It all happened 3 month ago. I was coming home from swim practice. Then I was in the process of opening my front door then I saw him (the mailman). He asked if anyone was home and I didn’t answer (My mom was at work and I don’t have a dad). I got really scared so I hurried up to open the front door. Then he came closer to me. I finally open the door and tried to shut it but he put his foot in the door he was much stronger than me so he push the door open. I ran to my room. He followed me. Then he pulled me by my hair and slung me on the floor he ripped off my swimsuit uniform and forced him self inside of me. I was screaming and saying no but he kept raping and raping me. When he got done, he gave me my mail and said have a good day. And I just laid their on the floor I couldn’t move. I felt paralyzed. I finally got up took a shower and cried myself to sleep. I haven’t told anyone not even my mom and I don’t know what to do. I just want to die. But I can’t cause my mom wouldn’t have anyone.

— Rosie, age 18


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