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The Night I Wished Never Happened!!

was 22 yr old Virgin(indian) when this occurred…. I’m a doctor was doing my internship at bangalore medical college… I was so fed up with studies I wanted to have fun i made new friends and one among that was a girl named kritta .. she was living the life of a party animal and I wanted to live like her …. so I started partying with her and going to rave parties and stuff …. whenever I was stoned she would take care of me ….. make sure I was safe n all… she had an Iraqi boyfriend with whom she had a fight with recently and she wanted to get distracted away from the fact that her boyfriend was cheating on her so we decided to get drunk at her apartment…. we had got antiquity and had started with drinking ….. when one of her friend from Mexico just showed up and he joined us for drinks …. he had weed !!! Excited we had all smoked up 2 joints each !!! Her sister aish joined us later that night !!! We all got supper drunk n turned up music to full blast volume and were dancing and we’re having super fun … when my friend got a call that her friend was admitted to hospital due to alcohol overdose so she and her sister left immediately… I was at home because I was super drunk and would pass out anytime next they asked that Mexican guy to take care of me !!! He took advantage of the situation and started advancing towards me … I couldn’t fight back as I was almost in a paralyzed state … he lifted me from the sofa took me to my friends room started to take of my clothes and he took off his … at this point it was very difficult for me to keep my eyes open I tried my best to stay awake and try to push him off ! He was way too strong … then I blacked out … kinda good thing because I didn’t need a memory of how stupid I was and how the stupidity cost my virginity…. as I woke up I was lying naked in my friends room I had no idea what to do …. I can’t tell my parents (conservative parents) they’ll be like get out of the house or u won’t get a bride groom u lost your dignity !!! I can’t tell my friends they’ll stop talking to me …. I am clueless …. I just pretend it’s a bad dream and continue with my work … I for now completely avoid kritta n her gang and also avoid drinking n doing weed which costed me so dearly….πŸ˜“πŸ˜“πŸ˜’πŸ˜­

happened on Feb 22nd 2016….. and yet now I have remained shut I have no idea what to do ??

— Survivor, age 22


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