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The Night That Changed My World

I was raped at college just after turning 21. Off campus at FSU. It was New Year’s Eve, 1979. He got in & blindfolded me. I was raped repeatedly for hours. There were no roommates or neighbors, no cell phones, nothing but a pair of scissors I was fixated on across the room, 3 drawers down in the dresser.

I went into shock, my legs shook uncontrollably, I bled, fingerprints all over my throat where I was choked. He put the pillow over my face to smother me. I played dead to survive. I wouldn’t move for hours not knowing if he was still there.

I called the police, they came, said it was my fault because my friend left the door unlocked. The intense, overwhelming, shame permeated every aspect of my being for countless years. My personality changed, unwise choices, my heart was cold.

After a devastating divorce, I went for help. The healing began. I became a rape crisis counselor in another state. Helped many but the shame in my own hometown, too great.

I am a survivor; have overcome to travel the world. This wound is still there but am stronger because of it. I applaud the courage of Miss World, she is world-class indeed. Thank you for helping us all heal. God bless.


  • Patsy
  • Stacy


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