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The Party I Will Never Forget

I was young. I was stupid. But I didn’t deserve what I got. I was tricked out of a party I was at. I was tricked to head to the shops with this person I had just met.

There were no shops. There was just a dark park. He just wanted to hang there for a bit. I said ‘No’, I said I wanted to go back. He pulled me down. I kept saying ‘No’. He told me I deserved it. I just closed my eyes and wished I was somewhere else. I wished it was all over.

After, I didn’t tell anyone. I was embarrassed. I thought it was all my fault. But he told people that I begged for it. He told my friends. I tried to tell the truth. They didn’t believe me.

I was lost, I was alone. I eventually told my mum. She gave me a hug and then refused to talk about it again. I truly was all alone.

But I’m a survivor. I somehow got through it all. And I have two beautiful kids and nothing will ever get in the way of me talking to them and letting them know I am always on their side.

I am very lonely, even with everyone around me. I am still all alone.

— Ange, age 33

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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