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the scary shadows

Out of all people, I would’ve never thought my own brother, that I looked up to, would hurt me so much. At an unknown starting age (I’ve come to the conclusion that I was in 4th grade or so. ) , I would lay in bed, watching the light outside my door for any shadows. my heart sunk every time I saw a shadow. twice a week, the scary shadow would appear. I knew not what It would do this time, but oh how terrifying it was. he was also a good trickster. he told me, “let’s go play video games!” and yes, I fell for it every single time. I was obsessed with video games! what 8 year old doesn’t!? but oh how I regretted it everytime. as he turned on videos I never did understand, I barely played with Legos. five minutes later, I was screaming, kicking, pushing away, and crying. parents, confused about the screaming, called both of us down. I shamefully tried to put clothes back on, and he walks downstairs and could care less. oh the many lies he told, ” I was tickling her” he said. oh how deceitful he was! with him saying ” don’t tell them” , my thinking was twisted. they believed me. “tell me if anyone is touching you” she said. I never took that into account with my own brother.

— Survivor, age 16


  • Daniel
  • Alexis
  • Lillyanne


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