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The secret

I was 15 years old dating a 20 year old named Scott. One day Scott asked me to hang out at his house and picked me up on his motorcycle. I went there and his friend Vernon was there. Within a few min of arrival, the two of them threw me on the couch and wanted to rape me. They held me down ripping at my clothes laughing at me and I was petrified beyond. I said I had to go to bathroom bad they let me go and I locked myself in the bathroom and climbed through bathroom window and went on the roof and was so horribly scared. After yelling at me to come out of bath, they eventually quieted down and said they would not attack me. I exited bathroom and was shoved by boyfriend Scott then he brought me Back to the neighborhood store where he had picked me up. I so wanted to tell my parents but was afraid and embarrassed and kept this to myself for many years and at age 60 I haven’t told anyone. Today after watching Dr. Ford I cried as soon as she sat down as I felt so connected to her and she was so brave. It is a horror I will never forget. I googled Scott’s friend Vernon who also assaulted me and he died and can’t recall the last name of my boyfriend Scott however. I also cannot recall the name of my boyfriend later on who put himself in me against my will and that was my last day of being a virgin (I wanted to be a virgin until marriage). So many men are control freaks physically and mentally abusive and I have no desire to be with any man after a 22 year marriage of abuse where I had to divorce.

— Jeanne, age 60

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