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The Story of a Boy

If I were a painter, And could paint a memory, I’d use my brush to make an impression of a boy. A young boy, an innocent young boy who wore his khaki shorts and his half-tucked desert gold shirt with a black and green stripped tie. He played and had his territorial fights in the ground for who had control over the slide.
This boy would walk back to his dad’s workplace and wait for his dad to be done with his work and would go back home with him. He would walk back from school traversing the 750 meters of footpaths and bridges, crossing three signals and walking past all the different character that could be found on the streets of the beautiful garden city. Once he reached his dad’s workplace he would walk in through one of the two sliding gates of the building. which led to a low-lit passage way which led to the stairs and a world war era lift with metal doors which had to be manually closed, he’d take the lift to the second floor of the four storeys and he’d drop off his bags.
After he’d dropped off his bags he’d go back to the ground floor which was also the parking for the building. he’d run in circles of the building and pretend to be a superhero who would save the building from collapsing and on some days he’d sit on the bikes ,from which his his feet wouldn’t reach the ground, and would pretend to be a racer riding to his victory. One day he takes a scale form his dad’s office and uses it as a sword and wield it as if he was a majestic knight in his shinning armour saving a certain ‘damsel in destress’.
On one of days of this kid playing hero he makes friends with the guard who works at the building. The watchman, thats what all the people called him, was very friendly with the boy. The boy would go back from school everyday just to meet this new friend he’d made and tell him everything that had happened in his school and ‘the watchman’ would keenly listen to the boy to create a scene of comfort and confidentiality for the boy.
‘The watchman’ gave the boy a scissor, the scissor which would fold into a keychain, the boy was fascinated by this as he was very interested in technology that didn’t make scene to him. ‘The watchman’ created a trust between the boy and him through many of these small gestures.
Working out on this trust ‘the watchman’ takes the boy to the roof of the building where the lifts motors and others mechanics were kept and he explained how the lift works. While they were on the left the man asks the boy if he wants to try something new, something that would make the boy feel good. The adventures hero in the boy made him say yes.

So they both go into a room on the roof, this green room with a yellow tungsten bulb’s light had clothes scattered everywhere and books filled with pornographic images lying around, and the man sits on a grey mildly rusted stool and asks the boy to sit on his lap. He then unzips the boy and unbuttons the short and begins to slide the short down, then he uses his right hand to stroke the boy and makes the boy grab onto his own…this innocent boy not knowing what was happening just thought the watchman was doing something good. This horrifying act went on, even as the boy was asked to touch and do things he had no idea of. After a few day the watchman was replaced and the boy was young he didn’t realize what the man had done and didn’t even realize his absence.
Jumping 8 years down on the timeline, the boy now in his adolescences learns about a whole new way of how life is lived and what humans want at their very core. He now understands what the words like consent, approval, comfort of the other means, he even understands the word molested and is one among the many who knows what it feels like. Now this guy understand what went down 8 years ago.
This make the guy to put on a facade of a guy who seems to be happy al the time and has no worries in life, but only the people who understand him can tell and have an idea he’s miserable, they just don’t know why! And this scaring incident in his life makes him who he has become and it defines him, it’s made him a guy who considers consent to be the most important aspect in a relationship, even though all the Bollywood movies suggest otherwise. That one incident makes him question trust, it prevents him from connecting with any one. It paints the idea of a single life, how much ever lonely it might be, as something very colorful to him.

So now that I have thrown some paint on the canvas of your imagination and made an attempt at bringing this boy to life, I ask you now do we Know a lil’ boy and how do we handle the misfortune of the boy.

— Survivor, age 21

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