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The thief

I was only 5, people say you can’t remember it because you were so small but I do remember everything that happened, I was sexually harassed by my cousin who I loved like a brother, I don’t know but I was so scared to tell anyone so I told the only person I knew I could trust my sister she was 7 at the time and told me he did the same with her, so we decided no one would understand, soon my sister left at the age of 8 about to turn 9 to live with my mom since I had never met my mom I only knew she left when I was one year old and I was left behind with my father, he knew my sister was raped by my cousin but didn’t do anything he KNEW!! And he didn’t even do anything to save me or her, my cousin or should I say this man kept raping me until I was 8 years old in which I was home alone and he came in the house cause he had a key for it and told me sweet things at the time I was cutting an orange with a knife and he told me to go to my room but i told him no and he said what’s wrong I told him if you keep doing this things to me I’ll kill you I’ll seriously kill you, I was so scared but he left and I knew even tho he had stop he made me lose something I could never have again it was my innocence he took it and he didn’t care because he didn’t know how I felt. Years later I came to live with my mom and started going to therapy but I always hated cause my mom would talk to me and make it seem like it was my fault, I was alone no one understood what I felt and my sister she didn’t like to talk about it I had no one to tell how I felt about killing myself at night because I felt like it was my fault. I’m now 15 years old and I can say I still hate you and I don’t think I can ever forgive you for that because you took something from me that I’ll never get to say I lost because I wanted to, I lost it because I was forced.

— Ale, age 15


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