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The Unforgetable Party

Sometimes I just want to forget about it but I can’t because I have to live with the person that did it to me. My own brother. The both of us decides to go to a friends party. We knew pretty much everyone there so there were no surprises. Halfway through the party my brother had one yo many drinks. Someone thought that it would be fun to locked us in a room together. I passed out and really don’t remember anything. It wasn’t until a couple of days later that my bother had told me what had happened. I didn’t want to believe him but I had the marks on me and he was the only one in the room with me. By the time I told my parents it was to late. I found out I was having a child. I was 15 at the time my brother being 17. I made the decision to keep the child. I’m 18 now, and have a wonderful daughter. She doesn’t know who the father is and I’m afraid to tell her. I still love my brother and all but our relationship has forever changed. Thanks for reading my story.

— Alyssa

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