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They Blamed it on the Tequila

I graduated, I actually graduated. Senior year was over, and the next part of my life was just beginning. Mexico was calling our names and here we were, fresh out of high school, ready to take on this vacation as if it was our last. No regrets.
Then I met you. Tequila clouded my brain and took me into a deep black hole where my memory would soon fade. You ordered me a drink, I accepted. You asked questions, I answered.
At this point, my friends are long gone, no where in sight. Yet, your smile made me feel comfortable, and the tequila made me feel even more comfortable.
It goes black. This is where I loose everything. My memory, my dignity, myself.
I wake from this black hole, naked in your room, confused and scared. I panic and begin trying to find my clothes when you walked in, shirtless. You gave me this look that will never leave my head. I go for the door, and you block it. Why? You had your fun already. I yell no and manage to swing through you, out the door, down the hall to my room.
It goes black.
I am woken by friends I had lost earlier in the day, and you? Why are you in my room? Why do you make friends with mine? You are suppose to stay a stranger, a moment I wish to not ever remember. Yet you have the charm to woo my friends, and… they love you.
They didn’t know. They don’t know. They never asked. They still haven’t asked.
I blamed myself. I drank too much. I should have yelled louder. I should have said no more. But looking back at it… you made me stronger.
Thank you. Thank you for making me stronger.


  • Alexis
  • Cassie


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