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This is MY story

My name is Emmalin. My sister Kylie shared her story in here “my coach my rapist”. I am 17 and a junior in high school. My best friends are my sisters Taelyn, Kylie, and Hannah. Hannah is in the grade below me. I remember how much pain our family went through when Kylie was raped. We honestly still haven’t fully recovered. We all have trust issues. But this isn’t about what happened to Ky, it’s about what happened to Hannah and I. A few weeks ago it was Spring Formal. After formal we went to a party at a cabin. Hannah and I have been known “partiers” at the school and we did not let that night run our reputation. At about 2 am we both were beyond wasted. I was worse than Hannah, barley being able to hold myself up. I remember waking up on a bed with a guy on top of me. I looked to my side to see the same thing happening to Hannah. It wasn’t our first time but we both felt violated. I grabbed her hand and held it till they were done. We didn’t know these boys, they had been out of town dates of girls from our school. Not being able to protect my little sister has been my biggest regret. I don’t expect to be healed anytime soon. But it helps going through it with my sisters who know. I don’t think I will ever drink again. It put me into a situation that changed mine and Hannie’s life forever.

— Emmalin, age 17


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