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Three Times in a Row

Hi, .y name is Jet. I was 13 at the time, and it was a bit after my birthday. I was with my boyfriend at the time, and he was acting normal the first few month. I remember Halloween came along and I went with him and a friend I had at the time, everything was going okay until we were walking and he started to grab my ass and boobs, I still didn’t say anything, so yeah, we had to head home soon, but before we did we stopped at his place. My friend left and he dragged me into the corridor and started to force me to make out with him. I tried to push him away but the burly guy he was I wasn’t strong enough, so that ended and I ran home in the dark. The next few days were off, I didn’t like being around him, so I avoided him, not the best idea, he lived kinda close to my house so he would walk over, without me knowing, and for some reason he can pick locks. Great! So he would come over, and things would go normally for a bit… then he started to be all over me, he would touch my ass, grab my boobs, just be a total pig. He came over one time, with condoms, I didn’t know until he whipped them out and pushed me on the bed, forcing himself on me. No one home, I could do nothing… the words he said to me were “you never said no” it still haunts me today, that’s the first time, the second time was exactly the same, and the very next day… I told no one, I was too scared. The very third time was the worst. We were at his place, well in the staircase, he unzipped his pants taking his dick out, “suck” he demanded, poking my face with his dick. Obviously I didn’t, so he yanked me up and through the hallways into a laundry room… I now hate going into them, and pulled out an expired condom. I was terrified as I tried to scream and get away with no avail, when he was done with me he dragged me out of the building and to the back, throwing the condom into the pond there, and made me go home in the dark. I told no one for a month, and sooner or later my best friend found out. She immediately wanted to kill him, but he said the same thing again, “you never said no” no I didn’t say no. I pleaded no, I screamed it, and you didn’t listen, he still goes to my school, with no regrets, and no one ever believes me.


  • Alissa Ackerman
  • serene


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