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Time To Tell

February 21st, 2017 . I (15) got into a friends car(17) . he was high as a kite. we drove through my town just fooling around like teens do. we went down this road i asked him to turn around and take me home because i had a strange feeling. he said everything was fine not to worry. The road was a dead end. he parked the car and we were making out, he asked if i wanted to have sex i said no. He then pinned me down to the seat, i couldn’t move, i froze. i was screaming,yelling; “Please stop” “i don’t want to”. he didn’t listen. after that he took me home. i got ready for a cheer event and went as everything was normal. It wasn’t till a few days later it finally hit me , what had happened but by then it was too late. he has done it to several other girls now and i feel that guilt everyday that maybe if i had spoken up they wouldn’t have went though what i went through. He still walks around like he hasn’t destroyed so many young lives. it makes me sick seeing him around young girls knowing what there fate will be.


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