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Too Afraid To Tell

When I was 15 years old my friends and I went to the movie theaters. At that age we use to hang out around the movies and socialize rather than actually watch a movie. One of my friends was a lot older than me so he brought some alcohol. I didn’t drink much then but thought if I drank then and I was a very tiny girl so you could imagine that I wasn’t able to drink a lot. After a point my memories were very faded and I had blacked out numerous times. When I think back to the day I don’t remember seeing things but I could hear everything. I remember meeting two guys there and they started talking to us and asking us questions. My friend lied and said our parents were just inside and that we had to go but he knew that she was lying he said you are way to drunk for your parents to be here. He invited us to get in the car we both said no and after a while I just remember looking in and seeing my friend in there. I hesitated and then got in knowing I didn’t want her going alone. My older guy friends tried to get us out but from what I heard they had a gun and drove off. The guy sitting in the back seat with me was trying to do things and i just remember crying and throwing up and then he slapped me and yelled at me. I just kept asking him not to. I remember his friend that was driving kept yelling at him and telling him to leave me alone, but he didn’t listen. Eventually the guy at the front found out where we lived and dropped us off I remember walking down the street covered in my own throw up. Almost 10 years later and I am still ashamed to tell anyone. I’m ashamed because i drank too much. I’m ashamed because I didn’t know who he was. I was embarrassed that if anyone asked me to describe him I wouldn’t be able to because I was so intoxicated to remember. The only think I remembered was the name he told me, prince. But even that could have been a lie. I’ll never know who did that to me and I’ll always to he to afraid to ever tell anyone.

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  • Alissa Ackerman


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