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Too many to stop it

I was walking home, and a group of a girl and 3 guys started making fun of my cloak/coat. I tried to walk away, but they chased me. They chased me into an abandoned building.
They knocked me down, and the girl put her knee in my throat, and held my hands. I then felt my underwear being removed.
I was raped by each of the boys, while the girl laughed in my face.
I told a couple of close friends, who advised to laugh it off as “only a F___”, but I increasingly found I couldn’t.
I discovered by home test that they got me pregnant. I went for options counseling.
After another night waking to strong nightmares, I decided on suicide.

I awoke in the hospital, and had miscarried. It was eventually determined that my problems were behind me, and I was released.
Still unable to escape my own mind, even with drink and drugs, and unable to maintain a steady relationship, I attempted again.

The assault was a one time thing, but the nightmares were in the hundreds of nights.
I use prescription medications to control it, and drink even though I’m not supposed to. I can only guess that coping is a personal trip.

Thanks for listening BMW people.

— Kaye, age 27


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