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Too Young

I was about 8 years old and I was at a festival with my dad. He laid the blanket on the grass before the show started. My dad kept moving his hands towards my shirt. I kept pushing his hand away. We sat on a hill with people there. But not really close to us. The next thing I knew… half of my shirt was unbuttoned…. I was crying and tried to get away from him…. Dad wouldn’t let go of me and was trying to pull my pants down… I begged him to stop. Either people didn’t care or didn’t notice what my dad was doing… The show wasn’t very enjoyable. The worst part was when dad was able to pull my skirt down and his hands was inside of me… He kept telling me it would be over soon… I tired to leave by telling him I needed to pee… he stuck a cup between my legs… the show was 45 minutes long…. for me it felt longer, way longer.

— Survivor, age 24


  • Alexis
  • WickedShallBePunished#staystrong


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