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Touched by a Man I Didn’t Know

So I was around 9-10 when this happened. I had just moved with my dad to another state, and since my mother was doing a nursing course, I had to live with him for a year. The neighborhood I lived in was really nice and there were lots of kids around my age there. We used to play a lot and one day I got asked to sleep over one of the boys houses. Of course, my dad was really skeptical about me sleeping over at a boys house. But the boy said that his dad would talk to my dad about it. (let’s call the boy A). ‘A’s dad told my father that there would be ‘A’s mum, another friend and himself at the sleepover and that there is nothing to be worried about. He eventually convinced my father to let me stay. He lied. There were 5 other boys there and I was the only girl. Nothing major happened until we were lying down watching a movie. ‘A’s father asked me if I wanted a massage so I said “yes”. He massaged my legs and continually went upwards eventually reaching my private part. He started rubbing my private area and I didn’t know what to do. I hit his hand which he didn’t like, so he pulled me into his room and touched my breasts. ‘A’ finally came in not knowing what was going on and told his dad that “he wanted to sleep.” I ended up sleeping in the same bed as ‘A’s dad because ‘A’ thought it would be weird if I slept in the same room as 6 boys. (Can I even call this rape?) I hadn’t had seen him in about a year until my father passed away in 2014. I hadn’t seen that awful man in so long but seeing his face made me so upset and traumatized. He never mentioned what happened.

— Kaitlyn, age 14

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